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Events Photographed by Don Becker

This website is a destination for photographs of the various events that I have photographed. If you are here it is likely that you came because you are looking for one of the events that I have photographed and placed on this website for easy access by participants and friends. Just click on your selected link below to access the website of interest.

In some cases, persons who have relatives or friends in photographs of one of the events listed below may wish to obtain larger digital versions of the images for printing or other uses. That type of information is usually included in the event itself. If you have any further questions or difficulty with any aspect of the events, please contact me for additional details.

In addition, if you should desire to engage my photographic services for any reason, please contact me at don@donbeckerphotography.com (Phone: 310-949-0473). In particular, I teach workshops on many different photographic topics, and also provide individual instruction and tutoring on most aspects of photography and digital imaging.

Ffinally, please note that I still retain the copyright to all of my photographs. When you download or purchase a photograph you are purchasing the right to use that photograph for your own personal uses. Any commercial use of the photographs, including selling any image or using for advertising or commercial purposes, will require a written release.

Don Becker

[bullet]   Confirmation-2018

[bullet]   2017ShiningStars

[bullet]   Col. William Seeber Funeral at Arlington Cemetery

[bullet]   Photos of Frans Home after Renovation


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